Blood Chemistry & Nutritional Analysis

Seeing so many people struggling with low energy, inability to concentrate, insomnia, and poor resistance to getting sick, we feel it is important to find out the root cause of these problems.

Chiropractic and nutrition seem to go hand-in-hand, when promoting healthy functioning of the whole body. At our clinic, we provide nutritional symptomatology services. This involves the review of  a blood chemistry profile as well as a patient evaluation which helps us to determine deficiencies (or excesses) of specific vitamins, minerals, protein, etc.

The clinic then offers a selection of nutritional supplements to facilitate re-establishing proper body function.  We have implemented the following nutritional companies into our practice and they include; Biotics, Metagenics Xyogen, Apex, and Thorne.   Our pharmacy is stocked with vitamins, minerals, detoxification factors, medical food, botanicals and many other wellness products. Please visit our on-line store for information on our available products.

Our designed profile looks at serum macro minerals/electrolytes, proteins, enzymes, red blood cells, white blood cells, lipids, thyroid function and others to give us insight into the physiological functions of many organs including liver, kidney, adrenal, thyroid and immune systems. A urine sample is also sent in for microscopic evaluation. Dr. Tikey then analyzes your blood and urine using optimal ranges to help rule out diseases and also look for functional problems within the body.

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